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How to monetize your tube site

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So now you tinkered around with the customization of your tube site and would like to begin to make some money from current or future visitors. The first thing you need to do is sign up with a adult affiliate program. I’m going to offer up one I can personally vouch for, a company who has paid me for a decade or more, Adult Friend Finder. Sign up with Adult Friend Finder as a percentage affiliate, I know the pay per sign up looks more appealing but trust me the percentage program is much better. Your in this for the long haul and will make much more from a partnership and a pay per signup. After your membership is approved explore their site for a while, pay close attention to their promotional material area, find a banner you like that will fit nicely on the right side of your tube as that is where we will place it.

Once you have selected the banner do the following:

  1. Login to the admin of your tube site
  2. Click on Appearance
  3. Click on Widgets

Now you find yourself in the area that controls what is displayed on the right sidebar of your tube site, these are called widgets. You can drag and drop items from the left over to the right sidebar. What we want to do now is add your Adult Friend Finder banner to your right side bar. To do this we are going to drag the widget named “Text” over to your right sidebar. Once you have done that your can click on the text box and paste in your Adult Friend Finder banner code. Save your changes and look at your tube site. Now if someone clicks that banner and joins Adult Friend Finder you will make a sale, and if they remain a member you will get paid every month for ever.

Make this fun,